Project Description

This was an 8(a) award for the US Department of the Navy with the purpose of completing three separate CLIN items as follows; Building 770 Install Generator – Institute a standby energy source to sufficiently supplement power during power outages at Firehouse Building 770. The work included extending the existing transformer pad to allow for generator mount, as well as placement of new 50kW generator and new 400Amp automatic transfer switch onto the new pad extension and integrating into existing 150KVA transformer (primary 15KV, secondary power 120/208 V). Running conductive lines to all components in order to complete a closed circuit and provide power to the Main Panel in BLDG 770. Building 339 Replace Storm Water Pumping – Replacement the storm water pumps at Building 339. Work included demolition of existing storm water pumps (confined space entry), and installation of new submersible pumps and all associated electrical controls. Building 45 Install Epoxy Flooring – Resurfacing of the concrete flooring with Oil/Slip Resistant Epoxy Floor Coating in Bldg. #45 (Ops Side) Hazmat Waste Center. Work included preparation, acid wash and cleaning of approximately 3,744 SF of concrete, repairs and leveling of the floor, and installation of an Epoxy application to the concrete flooring area.